Enter your outdoor creative nonfiction essays or memoir excerpts of no more than 5,000 words for a chance to win. Photography and haiku are not eligible for this contest. Essays of an academic nature will not be considered. $15 for a single entry, $25 for two entries. $15 entry fee includes a copy of the Summer/Fall 2012 issue. All entries will be considered for publication.
DEADLINE: May 15th.

Submit your entry fee below and then submit here.

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2011 Winners/Finalists

Adrianne Aron won 1st place for her essay "Fiction, The Hardway." She received an Osprey pack, and $100.

Trevien Stanger won 2nd place for his essay "Glow Sticks, Fleshy Fins, and Takin' the Piss." He won a certificate for a pair of La Sportiva Mountain Running Shoes.

Manda Frederick placed as a finalist for her essay "The Sawtooth."